Day One

Just kidding, I don’t count days. It’s day one of this blog though, because I want a place to write down my thoughts as I try to figure out healthier habits, especially concerning alcohol.

I used to drink every day, and I used to drink a lot. There is a popular narrative about alcohol abuse and recovery that most people are familiar with, about rock-bottom and 12 steps, which never even came close to fitting my experience. In fact, along with other factors, that narrative helped push me away from seeking help for a long time. Then I read this op-ed piece in the NY Times, telling me that I was far from alone, and realized there were some different options worth exploring.

In late January 2016, I made a change. Using the tools provided by Moderation Management, I embarked on a 30 day abstinent period, hoping to start figuring out some healthier habits. Here’s what I wrote on January 28th:

I’m kicking off a 30 too. Last night was my first alcohol-free night in a while, and I had trouble falling asleep (didn’t help that my dog is a serious bed hog, but mostly, I guess I just need a little time to remember how to fall asleep sober!). For me, the time seems right to make some big changes to my drinking habits, so I am aiming for 100…but starting with a 30, and feeling good.

Things I’m hoping to see change quickly: that pesky falling asleep trick, my perpetually dry eyes (it’s a dry winter, but I think the whole ‘drinking a lot of wine instead of water before bed’ thing isn’t helping), positive feedback from my SO (which I get frequently anyway, but I know we’d both be happier if I was drinking less).

Long term, I’d like to drink substantially less, if at all. I have a lot of weight to lose, and a lot of trails to hike, so I’d kind of like to put my energies that way. It’s hard for me to choose long-term goals over short-term satisfaction, especially during the evening hours. But recently, a lot of things in my life have started going well, and I feel better about myself than I have in a long time, so now seems like a good time to start.

Sending lots of support to everyone else making changes, or even thinking about making changes.

Most of the biggest things in our lives have no real first day. We spend weeks, months, or years laying the foundation. We make decisions and then change out minds. In my 37 years of life, I cannot point to a single moment and say, “right then, that was the moment that I decided to change everything.”

For the sake of narrative convenience though, I can say that my 30 started on January 27, 2016. And it changed everything.


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