Moderating in June

Monthly plans continue to be helpful to me. My June goal is to stick to “by the book” moderation, which means following the Moderation Management limits. For women, that means no more than three drinks on any occasion, no more than four drinking occasions per week, and no more than nine drinks in any week. Those are limits, not goals — I intend to drink below those limits most occasions/weeks.

Counting continues to be one of my most important tools. I am also working to learn to recognize internal cues about when it is (and isn’t) a good occasion to enjoy a drink, as well as when I’ve had “enough” to drink on any occasion, which is an ongoing (and challenging) process. External cues, such as strict planning or rules, may end up being a more effective long-term tool, but come with their own complications.

June comes with particular challenges of its own, such as warm weather (a trigger, like all weather as far as I can tell) and a less regular schedule. My motivation dropped unexpectedly low toward the end of May, so I am particularly watchful for this in June — will it carry over from May, or rear its head again toward the end of the month, and are there tools I can use to address it.


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