June review

For June, I posted the following plan:

My June goal is to stick to “by the book” moderation, which means following the Moderation Management limits. For women, that means no more than three drinks on any occasion, no more than four drinking occasions per week, and no more than nine drinks in any week. Those are limits, not goals — I intend to drink below those limits most occasions/weeks.

In June, I fell short of my plan, while still continuing to make good progress and establish some excellent new habits. June was not a “by the book” month for me, but was nevertheless moderate in most regards.

In total, I had 25.5 drinks. However, I had three separate occasions of drinking beyond moderate limits (5-6 drinks on each occasion). Overall, I drank less frequently in June, abstaining on 22 of the 30 days, and never had more than 9.5 drinks in any seven-day span.

The first few weeks of June were more challenging than I’d expected, causing me to adjust course slightly and adopt a temporary new rule (no drinking at home). I don’t know if it was the new rule, or whether I just adopted it at the right moment, but my internal struggles ceased at around the same time. My one “red” night in later June was a celebratory occasion, when my partner received some excellent news and we chose to mark this career-defining moment for him with drinks (including some at home, which was a pre-drinks decision on my part).

I would prefer to have fewer red nights, or at least, to space them out over a much longer period of time. But all told, June was a fairly productive month for me in many ways. I’m proud that none of my red nights led to excessive drinking on the following days, which is an excellent step forward for me. I can feel my new habits becoming easier, and am spending much less time thinking about them. Drinking infrequently is starting to feel normal; drinking moderately on any evening is still something that I need to work on.


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