July plan

My July goal is to stick to “by the book” moderation, which means following the Moderation Management limits. For women, that means no more than three drinks on any occasion, no more than four drinking occasions per week, and no more than nine drinks in any week. Those are limits, not goals — I intend to drink below those limits most occasions/weeks.

To provide some additional encouragement for myself, I am going to aim for a “BTB 30,” which is 30 days of consecutive by-the-book moderation. Like the 30+ that I used to kick off my attempts to change my drinking habits, I hope that aiming for “perfection” for a predetermined period of time helps me figure out a few specific things, especially with regard to my triggers for occasional over-drinking. When I succeed, I intend to post a celebratory post on the MM forum, which should be a form of reinforcement (still need to write that post about reinforcement one of these days!).



2 thoughts on “July plan”

  1. Remember to keep your eye on the prize, not the loss. We gain so much when we take back control. It’s your life you’re fighting for here, it’s worth it! Once you taste victory, it will be so much harder to expect less from yourself. It’s in you, let it conquer!


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