I’m having trouble thinking of anything to say that relates to drinking. It’s just been that kind of week, or month, or whatever.

To beat the summer heat, I’ve been getting up early to go bike riding. My bike is new; when you stop drinking 3-4 Bota boxes a week, you can save up for a new bike really quickly. They should put that in the advertisements for moderation: may come with new toys.

I haven’t ridden a bike regularly since I was in college, but riding a bike is…well, like riding a bike. Most of it seems to come back very quickly, but I’m still working through some seat-related soreness. I keep my rides short so that I don’t have to walk around bow-legged for the rest of the day. But I have fun.

Riding my bike, trying to pedal faster & faster so I can feel the wind against my face, is not really about drinking. Except that it is, because now that I am not drinking to excess, there is more to me. More corners of my life that can be filled with things like bike rides. More early mornings. More breath in my lungs, more blood pumping through me, more strength in my legs. More time. More tomorrows.



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