December plan

For the first three weeks of December, my routines should be mostly regular. So for the first three weeks of December, my plan is to follow the Moderation Management guidelines for low-risk drinking ranges (0-4 drinking occasions per week, 0-3 drinks on any occasion, and 0-9 drinks in any week).

For the last 10 days of December, I will be traveling, then on vacation, then traveling again (some work, some fun). Not just a mild disruption, this will be a long period of complete upending of all my routines. I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity to practice some travel-sized habits, but it’s hard not to feel a little anticipatory frustration about how difficult good habits can be to practice under unusual circumstances.

My first step is to make a plan, and I don’t want it to be one that’s hard to hit. My plans are usually intended to be descriptive: my best guess at what I think I can accomplish (not how I wish I could be, not a big declaration that I try to stick to by sheer willpower, just an educated estimate of where my current tools & strategies should enable me to land).

So I plan to start with a series of posts here, working through some of the stages of making a plan. Plans take work, and figuring out how to build habits for unusual circumstances has been a challenge for me thus far…time to start discovering what I can do when I really put in the effort.


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