I spent about fifteen years of my life developing progressively worse drinking habits, right alongside all the other stuff I was trying to do. If you’re reading this blog, I can’t imagine I need to explain to you how how an occasional couple of drinks might spiral into a more-than-a-bottle-of-wine-a-night habit. That is, we may differ in terms of absolute quantity, but the steady progression of a problematic drinking habit is not that different from person-to-person.

One morning in late January 2016, I woke up with a slight head cold. I had also finished off all the wine in the house the night before. Neither was an exceptional state of affairs, nor were the self-loathing thoughts that followed. Because I didn’t feel well, I decided that I was definitely not going to drink that day. The next day, after a terrible, tossing and turning, sweaty night, I thought that I might try not drinking for a slightly longer period of time. I wish I could tell you why it was different this time from all the other times I had made similar vows, or tried similar periods of abstinence.

Since then, I have been working to make significant changes to my drinking habits.  This blog is an attempt to chronicle some of those changes and the thoughts that accompany them.

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